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How to Thrive in Private Practice with the NDIS

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I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s so nice to be able to listen to someone who is living the NDIS and is so positive about it.


How to Thrive in Private Practice with the NDIS

Watch the full replay video above to the exact steps you can take this week to create a thriving private practice that is ready for the NDIS. Please note that this replay will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to watch it today, before you miss out.

Thank you Gail for your enthusiasm and postivity in presenting this information today! Most appreciated!



"Surfing the NDIS - Thrive in the Waves of Change"

Eight Week Course

On the webinar, I let you know about the eight week course that is perfect for you if you need help preparing your private practice for the NDIS.  

Thanks so much Gail! This was the most positive presentation I have participated in re: the NDIS. Looking forward to your course!


We will be covering  4 core areas you need to master to for your private practice to succeed with the NDIS.  

Here is what you will discover:

Module 1

NDIS: Surf the  Waves of Change

Course content

  • Trends from trial site to full roll out
  • NDIS jargon deciphered
  • NDIS core values
  • Riding the waves of change - responding to new opportunities.

Bonus Inclusions

  • My NDIS fee structure template to model your own
  • My plain English service agreement
  • My NDIS registration application details

Module 2

Working with participants

Course content

  • Attracting the right participants for your practice
  • Lifecycle of a client - expectations and provider reporting obligations
  • NDIS funding - what is covered.
  • Anatomy of a plan
  • Reports - what to include

Bonus Inclusions

  • 10 ways you can connect with clients and referral partners

Module 3

Navigating the journey to registration  - and beyond

Course content

  • To register or not to register - that is the question
  • Third Party Verification
  • Paper work requirements
  • Navigating the portal
  • Helpful policies to deal with common practice issues.

Bonus Inclusions

  • Step by step portal tutorials for creating service bookings and making payment requests.

Module 4

Thriving with the NDIS - increasing productivity without burning out.

Course content

  • ​Preparing for business growth
  • Increase your productivity with effective systems
  • Ready made systems that simplify client management, book keeping and records management
  • Time and energy management strategies so your business doesn't run you.

Bonus Inclusions

  • List of my business software I use to keep my practice running
  • List of systems to implement in your business

Group mentoring

In previous courses, I received so many questions that it was very difficult to share with you the informataion and answer all of the really fantastic questions that people had.   SO that we have time for learning AND time for you to ask your specific questions, I have decided to include dedicated times for you to ask questions  and to learn from the questions other people have.  

  • 3 group Q & A calls with Gail.   This is the place to submit questions, get focused mentoring and advice, learn from questions your peers have, share successes, lessons and accountability.
  • Private Facebook Group. This is where the power of the group lies with daily mentoring, sharing of resources and peer support. This is also the place to share your accountability goals each week and use the group to keep you on track.

Thanks Gail. I feel more relaxed about the whole process now. Looking forward to your 4 week course.


You will also receive:

  • ​All classes will be recorded, so if you can't make it live, you can watch any time night or day.
  • Video and audio recordings (so you can listen during your commute, while waiting for the kids or at the gym)
  • Access for your employees  - so your team can work together to build your practice (1 registration per ABN).
  • Lifetime access to all classes and resources, so you can revisit the content whenever you need.

Course Calendar:





21st June

1 pm

Module 1 - Surf the Waves of Change


27th June


Q&A group coaching.  Bring or send in your questions


5th July

1 pm

Module 2 - Working with Participants

11 July

7.30 pm

Q&A group coaching. Bring or send in your questions

Week starting
17 July

All week

Catch up week.  Listen to any training calls you have missed,
ask questions in the facebook group and implement in your business.


26 July 

1 pm

Module 3 - Navigating the journey to registration - and beyond


1 August​

7.30 pm

Q&A group coaching. Bring or send in your questions

9th August

1 pm

Module 4 - Thriving with the NDIS - increasing productivity without burning out.

How much will this cost?

You should never look at a program that teaches you to build your business as a cost. Remember you’re making an investment... into your success, your future... your peace of mind. And you can get started TODAY for the investment of 1 x $897. This works out to be less than 6 hours of clinical consultation... How many hours have you spent searching for information on working with the NDIS already?  ​See how much time other private practice owners have spent trying to work with the NDIS:

  • 2 hrs trying to upload the bulk upload form to the portal (each time with a tiny error)
  • 15 tries to make a payment request
  • 13 attempts to get the form right
  • At least 2 hrs every day working it out payments
  • Dozens of phone calls to the NDIS for help
  • 29+ back and forth emails (and almost the same number of calls!)
  • Not to mention the hours trying to understand "NDIS speak" just to register

If you struggle with cash flow right now, you can take advantage and choose the 3 x $349 cash flow payment option instead. So you can get your hands on the ‘Surfing the NDIS - Thrive in the Waves of Change’ 8-week program for:

Best Value (Save $150)


Your investment is less than 6 hours of client time.  How many hours have you already wasted searching for accurate information about the NDIS?

Cash Flow Option

$349 x 3

$349 now, then $349 in 21 days time, then $349 in 21 days time

That's just 1 hr of client time per week!

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal if you are:

• Confused or worried about the NDIS and what you need to do to adapt for the changes

• Worried about how you will compete against the 'big players'

• Struggling to attract a steady flow of clients

• Overwhelmed by the business side of your practice

• The NDIS is starting in your area in the next 12 months

This course may not be right for you if:

• You are already working with lots of NDIS clients, and have a reasonable idea of what the NDIS means. This course is designed for people who are learning about the changes to the NDIS, or are just starting to work with their first NDIS participants.

• Your business marketing is working well. We will be helping practice owners prepare for an influx of new clients during the course, including understanding their unique value, and increasing your ability to connect to new clients.

• The NDIS is over 12 months away in your area. The NDIS is rapidly changing, so some of the information shared may not be applicable by the time the NDIS begins in your area. You are of course welcome to join us if you would like to start preparing for the NDIS and building your practice well in advance.​


Gail is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and Allied Health Manager with 10 years’ experience managing people, projects and teams in private practice, not for profit organisations and the government sector.

She has extensive experience working with the NDIS during trial phases in ACT, NSW and Tasmania. She understands the complexities and challenges private practices need to navigate to operate effectively in  a rapidly changing environment.

In 2012, Gail launched her private practice working exclusively with people with disabilities and complex communication needs. She also produced the popular video podcast and blog Speechy TV. She achieved great success within a short time by integrating her strong management skills, business knowledge and qualifications to create a clear business strategy, apply continuous improvement methods and linking with innovation and new technologies.

In 2015, she relocated her practice to Canberra, and applying the same business principles, filled her books in less than 2 weeks and continues to maintain a full practice.

She now coaches other health business owners how to do the same; helping them apply practical systems to enable business sustainability and success.She shares her knowledge and experience of technology, innovation, marketing and communication to help increase business efficiencies whilst decreasing stress; allowing private practice owners to serve their clients with excellence and enjoy a more positive work-life balance.

Gail Bennell

Speech Pathologist

Private Practice Coach

Best Value (Save $150)


Your investment is less than 6 hours of client time. No more wasted hours searching for information.

Cash Flow Option

$349 x 3

$349 now, then $349 in 21 days time, then $349 in 21 days time

That's just 1 hr of client time per week!